Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good grades = Happy happy people

Hey guys...its been quite some time since my last post...Haha But, im glad to be back..After all, the exams are done and over with and all I need to worry about now are my grades...toink!

Last week we had our 2nd Periodical Tests and since I am in the honor's class, I am supposed to get good grades and that's why I really had to study. I had to forego my favorite activities like playin PS2, watching TV all day and just chilling out just so I can concentrate on my studies. I'm not really a nerd but when it comes to the these tests, I take things quite seriously. My goal is to get everything perfect but who am I right?? I'm not Albert Einstein, a genius and a true-blooded nerd, who seems to get everything right..Haha But, it doesn' hurt to try right?? And besides, it doesn't cost me anything to dream of getting amazingly high grades...haha! Anyway, I just hope that I did well enough to make my parents proud and to maintain my spot in the TOP of the class..( Im keeping my fingers crossed)..Because after all, good grades = happy parents, happy friends, and happy me..haha

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oct 30...THE special day

Another year has passed and it has been exactly 365 days since Oct 30, 2007...Now, you may be wondering why tomorrow is a very special day..right?? Well, its not because its almost Halloween, nor is it because the Los Angeles Lakers will be playing against the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA..(Go LAKERS!!!!) Tomorrow is the birthday of a very special person to our family that's why I consider tommorow a really really important day...Can you guess who it is?? I bet u can't..haha! Alright, I will reveal it so that the whole world can join my brothers, my dad, and I in our celebration...Tomorrow, is the birthday of my mum!!

After having another splendid year, my mum is going to have her birthday tomorrow. And because its sooo special, my brother and I prepared something for my mum but that's a secret though..bleh! haha! Wait, I gotta be serious now..Kyle, Jake and I are so blessed to have a mother who is as caring, loving and understanding as her. Now, everyone says that the mother is the light in the household and I agree with that. But if my mum were to be compared to a light, she wouldn't just be an ordinary candle that dies out, she would be the sun that shines in our lives for eternity..Wow, deep noh? haha..Our mum has changed our lives and made the three of us good boys...dba Ma?? We are definitely blessed to have her as our mother...We love you MA! And we wish you the HAPPIEST of ALL BIRTHDAYS!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hall0weeN PartY....

The time of the year has come for ghost stories to be shared, for scary movies to be shown on TV and for little kids to hop around from house to house asking for candies and sweets. Yes, its Halloween again folks!

So in the spirit of Halloween, our class decided to have a party yesterday. At first, I didn't really plan on going to this party because I wasn't really sure who would be going. Besides, I wasn't sure if my parents would be able to drive me to the party and fetch me after. So, I didn't bother to ask my parents and I decided not to go nalang...

I woke up yesterday morning and told my classmates through chat that I would not be able to join them. Then, I did my daily routine which means watching TV( I'm a couch potato you know...haha), playing PS2, getting stuck using the computer, lying down and lying down some more...haha! Throughout the whole day, the party never came into my mind.

Evening fell and I was watching TV with my mum when I realized that my phone was ringing. I answered it and found out that they were all expecting me to be at the party! I thought, " Huh?? why was everybody making a big fuss that I wasn't at the party?!??!?" I mean, what difference would it make if I were to go to the party or not?? Well, they did a pretty good job forcing me coz I decided to join them. Fortunately, my parents allowed me to go even if I asked them on such short notice.

I got to the party just in time for the games. We had fun playing around but eventually grew tired of all the running. So, we decided to watch scary movies which didn't seem scary at all since everyone was talking and we couldn't pay attention to the movie. After the "scary movies", we walked around the subdivision until around 10. But then, I realized that I was already past the curfew that was set! And all I could think of, was getting home coz I didn't want to get scolded for being out so late.Thankfully, I got home safe and I wasn't scolded by my dad. I was glad that the day was over and I could finally rest in peace...

Thursday, October 23, 2008


WOOOOO!!!!! Finally, its sembreak na... No lessons, quizzes, and teachers for a WEEK!! But, of course it also means no allowance...Grrrr! Haha

Anyway, let's have a break from remembering my Xiamen adventure coz all I can think of now is what to do this sembreak...Here are some of the things that I thought of doing:

+ Sleeping...
+ Going to the mall with friends
+ Playing Basketball
+ Losing weight..means going to the gym! haha
+ Watching TV
+ PS2 mania
+ Play with jake
+ Going to the beach
+ Movies
+ Downloading songs
+ Chilling...haha
+ Airsoft
+ Karting
+ Learning how to drive
+ More sleeping...

Hmmm...All of these activities seem like a lot of fun and hopefully I'd be able to do all of them. With the exams just right down the corner, the sembreak is not going to be all fun and games for me after all...huhu Anyway, I'm still looking forward for this very much deserved rest from school and what it has in store for me....Wooooooo!!SEMBREAK NA!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blast Off!!!!!!

After months and months of anticipation, the day finally came....March 30, the day that all my friends and I have been waiting for. I woke up at 4 in the morning because I had to be at the airport at 5. I didn't really have a hard time waking up since I was already excited to go on the trip. I quickly got ready and before I knew it, I was already in the airport. I said my goodbyes to my dad and brother before I walked through the airport doors.( I had already said goodbye to my mum and younger brother at home...) I met up with my friends and we checked our bags in for the flight to Manila.

Upon reaching Manila, we went to the Mabuhay Manor, the hotel in which we would be staying in before flying to Xiamen. I immediately texted my parents to tell them that I made it to Manila since I had never traveled alone before. I also texted a special friend that I left back home since I had only two more days before leaving her and going to Xiamen. It was very obvious that all of my friends loved the feeling of being "free" for the summer because they were already running wild in Manila.

The orientation that we had was boooooooring. We sat in a a hall for 3 hours listening to instructions that we couldn't even understand! The speaker was speaking in Chinese and in Filipino which still sounded like Chinese so I didn't really get any of it...haha! Anyway, I was glad that it finally ended and we could all go back to the hotel.

The next day, we went on a tour in MOA( Mall of Asia). We had so much fun going around the huge mall. Although it wasn't my first time there, my friends made it fun to walk around especially since we got lost a number of times. We even bumped into a friend that we had in school before he moved to Manila. I enjoyed talking with him especially since he was already very Tagalog speaking and he seemed to have forgotten that he was Bisdak! (Visayan)

Finally, April 2 came and it was the day that we had all been waiting for...Time to leave the Philippines. yay! But despite my excitement, I could not help but think about leaving behind a lot of things and people that I love while I would be in Xiamen. A lot of thoughts came running into my head. I kept on thinking that I was going to be staying in a country that I barely knew and I would be seeing people whom I had never seen in my life. I began to feel uneasy about this whole trip but I just did not tell my friends about it since I knew that what they wouldn't really care. All that they were after was the "freedom" that they thought they would have in Xiamen and anything that wasn't related to that was not relevant. I had different things on my mind. And I could not stop thinking about these while waiting for our flight in the airport. Then, our teacher told us to get ready because we were already boarding. So, I quickly texted my parents and my special friend goodbye.

Just as we left Naia 2, I took one last look at the Philippines. And as it slowly disappeared beneath the clouds, I knew that I had already begun a whole new adventure. I let go of all my thoughts and I was ready to have the greatest summer of my life!!

1 question, 2 answers..... :-)

In the last post, my adventure ended with one question. It was "to go or not to go?". Now, you may be wondering what really happened. Fortunately, my parents allowed me to go to Xiamen, China for the summer. But, I had to make sure that I would be responsible enough to take care of myself while I was away. Then I thought, " Ha! that wouldn't be so hard, I could be responsible and I could definitely take care of myself. The day after I got my parent's approval, I started to get all the requirements for the trip together with my dad. So, when all the things were set so I had to pass them all to Manila. After waiting for some time, I got the thumbs up from the office of the Philippine Chinese Learning Center in Manila.

Months passed, and the day that departure date for China was drawing closer and closer. We were going to leave for Manila on March 30 for our orientation then leave for Xiamen on April 2. At first, I was still relaxed and I didn't really think of preparing the stuff that would be needed in Xiamen.

It was only a few weeks before the trip that I realized that I wasn't even ready for it. So, my dad and I went to go through the list of the things that I needed for the trip to Xiamen. There was a lot of things to prepare for since I would be staying in Xiamen for 2 months. And another thing to consider was the temperature in China. Even if it was summer, I couldn't really say if it would be cold or not and we were quite worried about this. Luckily, I finished packing my things up a week before the departure for Manila and I was already ready for blast off!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

To go or not to go?

Months have passed since my trip to China last summer. But, I can still remember clearly the memories that I had while I was in that melamine-tainted country.

I learned about the summer trip to Xiamen through my best friend. He had already gone to the same educational tour before. He mentioned how fun it was and he really got me thinking about trying the tour out. I could still remember him telling me " Bai (dude), just imagine 2 months of freedom....freedom from parents, school, and rules. His offer did seem very interesting and I was really beginning to want to have the same experience as he had.

The day the Chinese teacher mentioned about the Xiamen trip, there was a huge buzz and everyone was talking about it. I immediately got a form because I was afraid that it would run out.haha! But then I realized that I wasn't even able to ask my parents yet and get their approval. I mean, going on a summer trip abroad alone wasn't a joke after all and I wasn't sure if they would allow me to go. I was really anxious of what my parents would think about it.

To make matters even worse, my friends had already asked their parents and they all had the approval. Grrrr, all I could think of was that they would be having so much fun and I would not be able to be a part of it. So, I knew that I had to ask my parents so that I would know what their verdict would be. To go, or not to go? That was the question....

To be continued..... :-)