Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good grades = Happy happy people

Hey guys...its been quite some time since my last post...Haha But, im glad to be back..After all, the exams are done and over with and all I need to worry about now are my grades...toink!

Last week we had our 2nd Periodical Tests and since I am in the honor's class, I am supposed to get good grades and that's why I really had to study. I had to forego my favorite activities like playin PS2, watching TV all day and just chilling out just so I can concentrate on my studies. I'm not really a nerd but when it comes to the these tests, I take things quite seriously. My goal is to get everything perfect but who am I right?? I'm not Albert Einstein, a genius and a true-blooded nerd, who seems to get everything right..Haha But, it doesn' hurt to try right?? And besides, it doesn't cost me anything to dream of getting amazingly high grades...haha! Anyway, I just hope that I did well enough to make my parents proud and to maintain my spot in the TOP of the class..( Im keeping my fingers crossed)..Because after all, good grades = happy parents, happy friends, and happy me..haha

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Clarissa said...

Good luck to your grades and I'm sure it's gonna be high!!^_^

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day ahead of you!Nice meeting you here at blogosphere!^_^